Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Hey everyone,please watch. This is my self made video advertisement. Advertising class project. Actually this video because this video is very short,people might not understand it. Actually this advertisement is a soap advertisement. Its used to clean stains on clothings. The speciality is it is very small and can be used anywhere. Thats why its very convenient. In the video I am the actor and the pretty actress is actually my junior. So everyone please watch and give your comments at youtube

This is the advertistment link below:


Monday, October 5, 2009


じつは、今、私はADVERTIZINGのクラスをべんきょうします。そのクラスでせんせいは「このクラスのプロジェクは皆さんは自分のADVERTISTMENTPOSTERをつくります。」といっていました。だから私はそのプロジェクのためにたくさんこんぷたのDESIGN SOFTWAREをならくちゃいけません。そのSOFTWAREは初めて使い時ほんとにむずかしいとおもいます。でも、たくさんおもしろいことをできますね。たとえばうえのしゃしぃんはADOBE PHOTOSHOPSOFTWAREをつくるのしゃしぃんですね。ほんとにつばらしいとおもいますね。一番の写真は私のともだちのORIGINALしゃしぃんです、それに二番のしゃしぃんはADOBE PHOTOSHOPをこのしゃしぃんをできるのEFFECTです。じぶんのしゃしぃんもできますね。三番と四番の写真じつは同じの写真ですよ。ははは、きれいですか?どくべつですかこのEFFECT?

Actually now, I am taking an advertizing course. In that class, the lecturer said ‘The project for this class is to make your very own advertisement and poster. That’s why, for the sake of this project, I have to learn many design software. Learning the software at 1st was very hard, but actually with the software many things can be done. For example, the above photos were edited using adobe photo shop software. I think it is amazing. The 1st photo is actually my friend’s original photo, and the 2nd one is the photo edited by adobe photo shop. Even my own photos also can be played with.The 3rd and 4th photos are actually the same. Hahahha, how is it? Nice? Is the effect special?

Sunday, October 4, 2009



After I have read the poem of the tawaranachi,i found a short part of the poem that i liked the most("its cold"i said and when someone else also reply 'it is cold",i feel a warm feeling). My feelings of what this means was actually humans should never be alone.in a life,if people live alone with out anyone in their life,it is very sad.


Actually,this short poem reminds me of a story in my past. The time was when I 1st entered secondary school,I was lonely. it was because my primary school friends went to other high schools, I was sad. A new place, New faces, I knew no one in this new environment. Actually, I told my mum that I didnt want to go to this high school,but my mum said because it was a good high school,i had to go to it.


That time,because i was very shy,i didnt talk much with the students in my class,thats why it was hard to make new friends for me,that time was very lonely indeed. One day,during recess a very friendly student asked me "would you like to have lunch together?" that time, i was very touched. That's where i felt the 'warm' feeling felt in the poem