Thursday, January 15, 2009




Thursday, January 1, 2009

My perception of the Japanese culture

In my own personal opinion,Japanese people reflect alot to me as people who are dedicated in the things that they do. They always persevere and do their best in all that they do which is indeed very admirable. This is what i think has made them an icon of asia in the world. Standing out technologically as well as their people always working hard to strive through breakthroughs.

Their discipline in being able to stick to certain rules as well as pushing themselves to excel does have its benefits. I have seen these done through many of the companies as well as the Japanese people I have known.In the movies,i can always see that the Japanese always do strive for their best,even down and what not.They continue to give meaning to the words Ganbatte expressed towards their workmates. And even in their introduction of self into the company,the Japanese show such a strong aura of dedication to the companies and work. But all this yet again is my source made through my watching of Japanese video clips.

I think it is through this that many things we know from Japan can be seen today,the breakthroughs in technology such as the worlds 1st robot and roboticons. As well as their Japanese anime,which shows great imagination and expression of their work, pushing the limits and striving for the best. Even from my own sensei i can sense has her individual strong beliefs and discipline that seems to portray much of the strength I see from the Japanese. And it seems that this culture of strong will or bushido has been seen by the Japanese since very long ago. Yet another source from old Japanese movies and games that I have been watching,the way of the samurai, the shinobi's and shogunates. Their strong will i think still appears in the people today.

Finally, I do hope that in this class of Japanese I can not only learn Japanese but be able to understand the cultures by getting close with the language first.